My interest in the land, nature and the built environment began as the daughter of Dutch parents: a florist and an aerospace engineer.  Combining an intuitive aesthetic with pragmatic sensibility, I gravitated toward landscape architecture.  My work has progressed along a varied path spanning twenty-six years and residence in three states, and has afforded me the luxury of travel to China, Italy, England, Spain and the Netherlands.

Under the mentorship of landscape architect Grant Castleberg in Santa Barbara, California, I

qualified for licensure in 1985.  I migrated to San Francisco, to Boulder, and then settled in Santa

Fe, New Mexico where I established an independent practice in 1990.  In recent years,

art, research, creative support, and travel have been my focus. And now, after more than 30 years away, Los Angeles is once again my new, yet intensely familiar, home.  



(c) anette meertens

Photo Almelo, NL (c) 2009